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A made to order product is one that is not made until an order for it has been placed. Made to Order is similar to a custom dance wear order however, do to streamlined production, it allows for lower costs, and faster ordering processes. 

What is Made To Order?

What does this mean for my order?

Your order will not be made until you have purchased your item (s). See our Terms and Conditions page for more information on return and exchange policies. 

Will this affect shipping times?

Any order placed containing Made to Order items are subject to an additional 7-10 day  production period compared to orders containing ONLY regular ready to ship products. All orders are shipped through Canada Post. Packages are subject to the Canada Post shipping times which estimate a delivery time of 3-7 business days. For a large order which is typically an order over 10 units, please see our Terms and Conditions page for further information. There will be additional production times added to the standard time that is listed above. These adjusted times will be calculated and sent to you directly after your purchase has been processed. If you are looking to outfit a large group of dancers please consider contacting us directly through email before placing an order in our shop so that we can assist you in getting all estimates and details up front.
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